Booking Terms and Conditions

Payment is regarded by us as the customer’s acceptance of the booking conditions. Receipt of your booking form and payment in full will be followed by our booking confirmation. If the booking cannot be accepted we shall endeavour to offer you an alternative rugby course. If this is not suitable we will refund your payment.

If you have to cancel your booking you must inform us in writing immediately. Unless written confirmation is received a booking will stand. All cancellations will be acknowledged by us and are subject to the following charges:

  • 56-29 days before course date: 30% charge.
  • 28-15 days before course date: 45% charge.
  • 14-1 days before course date: 60% charge.
  • On, or after commencement: 100% charge.

In certain instances it may be necessary to cancel the rugby course arrangements. You will then be given an option to either transfer to another rugby course or receive a full refund.

The reserve the right to to exclude or refuse any person, at any time prior to, or during the rugby course, if, in our opinion, that person is not compatible with the general enjoyment and objective of the course. Any costs involved will be at the parent’s expense and their responsibility.

You accept that the sporting activities of any course on which the participant is enrolled involve an inherent risk of injury. We will undertake all necessary risk assessments and provide the Courses in as safe an environment as possible and you accept that we will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the activities on the Course and you waive all and any such claims against us.

Nothing in this disclaimer shall attempt to limit in any way our liability for any matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.

During our rugby courses photographs may be taken of participating players for use in our business activities. All booking form details will be held for the purposes of Tuilagi Rugby Skills only.

All details are published in good faith. All published itineraries are merely samples and therefore subject to alteration, according to weather, programme change requirements or other consideration.